Engine is a backend HTTP server that reads, writes, and deploys contracts at production scale.


Engine is open-source; view and contribute to its source code on GitHub.

  • Create & manage funded backend wallets to send blockchain transactions via authenticated APIs.
  • Build scalable blockchain apps with transaction retries, wallet nonce management, and gas estimation.
  • Offer the best UX by deploying & transacting with ERC-4337 compatible smart accounts, enabling sign-less flows and gasless transactions.
  • Get a complete web3 infrastructure already set up with RPC, IPFS, and account abstraction infrastructure.
Engine overview


  • Managed backend wallets - Create company wallets backed up locally or with AWS KMS / Google KMS.
  • Any contract on any EVM chain - Engine supports contract calls on all 1000+ EVM blockchains and private subnets.
  • High transaction throughput - Blockchain transactions are processed in parallel with nonce management, and stuck transactions are automatically retried.
  • Smart contracts - Deploy any published smart contract including tokens, NFTs, marketplaces, and smart accounts.
  • Account abstraction - Deploy and manage smart accounts, use session keys for access controls, and transact on behalf of your users.
  • Gasless transactions - Sponsor user transactions with gasless relayers and user operations.
  • Wallet and contract webhooks - Get notified of wallet and contract events to automate sending emails, printing shipping labels, or charging customers.
  • Advanced analytics (coming soon) - View transaction history trends, event logs for each transaction, a ledger of backend wallet funds, and more.

Why use Engine?

Engine is beneficial if your app:

  • Handles multiple company app wallets.
  • Requires controlled access by multiple team members.
  • Requires transactions to be delivered reliably during traffic bursts and network congestion.
  • Sends more than one transaction per block (example: 2 Ethereum transactions within 12 seconds).
  • Sponsors gas fees for your users.
  • Deploys smart accounts for each user.
  • Triggers other actions when wallet or contract events occur.

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